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Cheerleading has been a popular activity for centuries. The fascinated part of this physical activity is that it requires lots of energy to perform. It is a sport that combines the tumbling, dance, high jumps, stunting and most importantly, the cheers. You can find cheerleaders in some sport games or special events most of the time. They represent a symbol of sport teams and at the same time, cheer both the spectators and the players. The typical outfit of a cheerleader is the combination of cheerleading uniforms, cheerleading bows and pom poms. The cheerleading bows and the pom poms are mainly used for eye-catching effect.

Cheerleading was originated in U.S., and gradually spread out to the world. The influences are not only on sport but also entertainment industry. For example, there are a great deal of movies and TV series dealing with cheerleading. One of the most famous examples is called”Bring It On”, which has already been shot as a series movie, and another example for TV series is “Glee”, which is not basically formed by the cheerleading story but consist of an important part to keep the story goes on.