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Cheerleading warm ups are the necessary dress that cheerleaders should wear during practicing; otherwise, cheerleaders will get hurt easily. They can protect your body. Cheerleading warm ups include pants and jackets. You should choose the appropriate one when you are practicing cheerleading movement. In the early 2000s, cheerleading was considered one of the most dangerous school activities. The main source of injuries comes from stunting, also known as pyramids. These stunts are performed at games and pep rallies, as well as competitions. Sometimes competition routines are focused solely around the use of difficult and risky stunts. These stunts usually include a flyer (the person on top), along with one or two bases (the people on the bottom) and, one or two spotters in the front and back on the bottom. The most common cheerleading related injuries are: sprained ankles, sprained wrists, back injuries, head injuries (sometimes concussions), broken arms, elbow injuries, knee injuries, broken noses, and broken collarbones.
The risk of cheerleading was highlighted when Kristi Yamaoka, a cheerleader for Southern Illinois University, suffered from a fractured vertebra after she hit her head after falling from a human pyramid. She also suffered from a concussion, and a bruised lung. The fall occurred when Yamaoka lost her balance during a basketball game between Southern Illinois University and Bradley University at the Savvis Center in St. Louis on March 5, 2006. The fall gained "national attention", because Yamaoka continued to perform from a stretcher as she was moved away from the game. Yamaoka has since made a full recovery.
Since cheerleading is considered as a dangerous activities, every cheerleader should do all they can do to prevent injuries happen. One thing a cheerleader can do is to have enough practices and make thorough protection measures at the same time. Thus, it’s important for cheerleaders to wear cheerleading warm ups.